Technology Advisory Services in the Middle East

Affility Consulting Offers Technology Advisory Services in the Middle East

As a comprehensive Technology Advisory Services firm based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Affility Consulting, supports businesses in the country and the Middle East with its technology, risk, and business advisory solutions.

Affility Consulting was established in 2017 by two founding partners, Ratheesh Ravindranathan and Mini Madhavan, accomplished consultants with extensive experience serving key positions in multinational corporations and providing advisory services to various international organizations.

Including their team members, Affility Consulting business consultants in the UAE have more than 60 person-years of aggregate consulting experience.

Rapid Technological Advancement: Why You Need Affility Consulting

Business advisory services are critical in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape.

A large part of this evolution can be attributed to the exponential growth of technology. For instance, computing speed and power double every one and a half to two years. Additionally, even if the world’s recorded history spans a massive 5,000 years, more than 90% of the world’s data has been collected only in the last decade.

Shifting values, priorities, and operating models are the norm in business. Companies must evolve or die. Unfortunately, the rapid rate of change can mean great uncertainty, skill shortages, talent gaps, and knowledge and capability shortages.

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To illustrate, while you know cloud computing, artificial intelligence, the internet of things (IoT), augmented reality, machine learning, big data, and other such developments can be highly beneficial, it’s not always obvious how this might be.

Companies also often don’t have the talent and the resource capacity to realize or maximize their advantages and minimize or mitigate concomitant risks.

This is the need that business consulting services firms like Affility Consulting address. Based on sound business practices and proven experience, the company provides expert insights, offers guidance on business decisions, uncovers gaps that must be addressed, and recommends solutions.

An organization’s leadership and core personnel should be able to do the same with time, it’s true. However, time is a luxury businesses don’t often have.

Forfeiting opportunities while trying to learn what other people already know is inefficient. It’s also illogical when you can utilize other people’s knowledge instead.

As a case in point, you don’t need to be an enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems expert before implementing one. You can work with an ERP consultant who will help you decide on a suitable system and realize the benefits sooner.

Technology Advisory Solutions by Affility Consulting

As mentioned earlier, technology advances rapidly, but it takes a while to build tech capability. Thus, technology advisory is one of Affility Consulting’s most essential services.

Affility Consulting offers three key technology advisory solutions.

1.     Independent ERP Advisory

ERP refers to software organizations use to link multiple business processes and allow seamless data flow among departments.

It eradicates data silos, data duplication, and redundant data-entry steps, ensuring the entire organization is using up-to-date information from a single data source. Implemented correctly, it can significantly improve operational efficiency.

However, a 2018 study by Gartner revealed 25% of ERP projects were either delayed in implementation or canceled altogether. Additionally, 55% of the respondents in the Gartner survey indicated their ERP projects did not meet stakeholder expectations.

The above indicates ERP implementation is not always successful. However, ERP systems can bring enormous business benefits and positively impact the bottom line.

There are many reasons why ERP implementation can be delayed, get canceled, or fail to meet expectations. One is the poor fit or mismatch between a client and its chosen ERP solution. The ERP system implemented may be far too simple or complex for the organization; it may also be that it does not address the company’s needs.

Affility Consulting helps companies succeed with their ERP implementation by ensuring they select an ERP system that matches their requirements and capability.

Affility’s ERP consultants do the following:

  • Identify and document the client’s business requirements
  • Collect proposals from ERP systems providers
  • Evaluate ERP software according to the client’s unique needs and circumstances
  • Recommend best-fit ERP software
  • Evaluate the ERP implementation contract

Affility Consulting’s support does not end with ERP software selection and implementation contract vetting.

Moreover, Affility takes over the client-side ERP implementation project manager role, participating in the ERP planning and actual execution, assessing ERP implementation risks, working on risk mitigation plans, and doing what it can to ensure the client will realize the benefits it envisions for the project.

2.     IT Project Advisory

The lack of proper planning and execution leads to failed project and program implementation. This is true whatever the nature of the project, including information technology projects.

Affility Consulting helps organizations ensure the success of their IT projects by providing specialized IT project advisory.

Just as Affility Consulting’s business advisers can help with ERP systems selection, implementation planning, and actual execution, they can also lend their project management knowhow to support businesses as they implement IT projects, such as developing custom applications and software, operationalizing information security management system controls, and building system redundancies.

Affility Consulting helps organizations prevent the following situations that can lead to IT project implementation failure:

  • Unclear goals and role assignments
  • Undefined project scope
  • Incorrect cost assessment
  • Insufficient budget and capacity
  • Lack of capability
  • Wrong tech adoption
  • Delayed project start
  • Lack of quality reviews and checkpoints
  • Weak governance

3.     IT Audit

Technology can make business operations more efficient. However, it can harm a company if used carelessly or incorrectly.

For instance, implementing software without ensuring its compatibility with existing systems can lead to costly issues, such as procurement orders failing to go through or grossly incorrect demand projections.

As another example, installing software without proper safeguards can expose customer data and lead to data privacy violations.

An IT audit is an excellent idea for all types of companies. It entails a complete assessment of IT systems, processes and controls. IT auditors help organizations:

  • Identify IT risks
  • Classify risks according to type and business impact
  • Compile them in a risk register
  • Come up with solutions to prevent or mitigate risks

Affility Consulting: Your Technology Advisory Partner

Technology is developing and advancing at a much faster pace than most companies can manage. Thus, technology advisory services are more crucial than ever.

Affility Consulting provides such advisory services. Through its IT audit, IT project consulting, and ERP advisory services, Affility Consulting can help you maximize the benefits of technology while mitigating risks.

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