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Digital ID – How to Activate it using Absher Individuals

On 30-12-2020, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia introduced a service “Digital ID” in an application named “ABSHER INDIVIDUALS,”. There are many benefits of this electronic ID. You can check everything related to your personal use.

Absher Individuals is basically an electronic copy of the real id of the resident of KSA. However, Through this digital ID, residents of Saudi Arabia can show their ID to relevant authorities. This is going to be helpful in case citizen’s Iqama is lost.

Slogan of this application is “Your Identity with Your Mobile.”

It’s the exertion of both, Interior Ministry of Saudi Arabia and Civil Affairs alongside the teamwork of any relevant authorities, including the SADAI (Saudi Authority of Data and Artificial Intelligence) and NIC (National Information Center).

This Digital ID activation process on ABSHER INDIVIDUAL application is much easier as it doesn’t require any special information.

However, Here is the activation process of digital ID:

(1) – First of all, download the “ABSHER INDIVIDUAL” application from the below links according to your device compatibility 

Apple users: “ABSHER” 

Android users: “ABSHER INDIVIDUAL.”

(2) – However, After installing the app, open the application and click on the login button from the two available options


(b) Log in

(3) – Select the Login option. Enter your Absher ID details in both fields. Just use Absher id to activate your electronic ID.

(4) – You will get a verification code at your ABSHER mobile phone number. Ensure that you have the ABSHER registered mobile phone sim card in your possession so that you can register your account easily.

(5) – Moreover, Put the 4-digit verification code in the OTP tab and click on verify. If you didn’t receive the verification number, you could click on the “RESEND” button to get the OTP. 

Finally, Your Account is ready and you can use it in Absher Individual app without any hesitation.

How to Activate Digital ID via Absher Individuals:

(6)-  After verifying your phone number, you will be redirected to a new page where you will have to enable your biometric fingerprint “APP LOCK” by clicking on the “Enable” button. If you don’t want to enable “APP LOCK” at the moment, click on the “Enable later” button to update these settings later.

(7) – After that, you will be redirected to your “ABSHER INDIVIDUAL” account where you can use a bunch of services, including “My Services,” “My Family,” “Sponsors,” “My Vehicles,” and “Alerts.”

(8) – Once you logged into your account, you have to click on the “My Services” button located on the home page to activate your electronic Id.

(9) – After clicking on the “My Service,” you will see many other available services in which you have to further click on “Active Digital ID.”

(10) – After that, a new tab will be redirected. You will be able to see all your personal information and required details, including your IQAMA number, Passport Number, Vehicles under your IQAMA, and much more. On the bottom of this page, you will see a button of “Active Digital ID.” Once you click on this button, your electronic id will be activated.

(10)- A New page with QR Code will come forward. You can take a screenshot of this page or save the QR code. This will help you to re-open the electronic id page without any internet connection.

Note: “Residents (Local citizens and Expats) of Saudi Arabia can show their electronic identity via saved QR code which can be read by the devices like smartphones or other barcode enabled devices or forward vision Digital ID which can be used for the “ABSHER ID” and “JAWAZAT” different services.”

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