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Absher Register – How to register on the Absher app

Absher is an online taxpayer-supported organization offered by the Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia for all Saudi Arabia residents, including residents and Expats. Get your Absher register and With it, you can utilize different online taxpayer-supported organizations like Iqama Expiry, Iqama validity, muqeem visa validity, and significantly more.

Lately, Saudi Arabia’s administration has moved all iqama related administrations practically to the MOI Absher site, which was beforehand available on the MOI site without the need of any Absher account.

Steps for Absher Register:

Absher register is a process of registration in the Abshar platform. However, The registration process is easy. Here are the few steps that you need to follow and your account will be ready in no time

  • Firstly, open the MOI’s official website (Ministry of Interior) by Clicking on this link.
  • Secondly, After opening the website, you will choose the type of person from two choices “INDIVIDUAL” if you are just a single specific person or “BUSINESS” if you are a company.
  • Thirdly, On top of the new page, there is an option to change the language. You can change to English if your Arabic is not that good.
  • Finally, After selecting the language, click on new user or registration to make a new account.
  • A new tab with the following detail will be opened. However, Here is a picture for demonstration.
Absher Register
  • In the (a) column, put your IQAMA or National ID number carefully.
  • Add mobile phone number in 2nd Column.
  • In Column 3, put the username in English.
  • Use a Strong Password and rewrite it in the next column.
  • Write your email and verify it in the next column.
  • Select your Preferred Language.
  • Enter the image code.
  • Accept the terms and click on Continue.
  • Enter the verification code that you got on your phone number.
  • Your account is registered. It’s time to activate your Absher account.

Absher Activation after Absher Register:

Your question regarding how to register Absher should be clear now. However, to move further you need to activate the Absher account.

Moreover, There are two ways to activate your absher account.

  • Activate through KIOSK registeration machine.
  • Activate through Jawazat Office.

Absher Activation through KIOSK registeration machine:

For this, you need to visit a KIOSK registration machine. Just ask locals of your area and you will get the location. Once you are there, follow these steps for Absher activation.

  • Firstly, select your preferred language from the two languages, “ENGLISH” and “ARABIC.”
  • Click on the activation and registration option button to activate your registered account.
  • After selecting the purpose of the visit, enter your IQAMA in the required field and then click on proceed.
  • After putting your IQAMA or id number, place your index fingers on the registration machine to verify the person using a biometric database system. If your fingerprint shows an error, then try till it shows blue light and a new tab opened on the registration machine.
  • The registration machine will verify your fingerprints with your biometric data analysis in which they have your fingerprints information already.
  • After verifying fingerprints, the KIOSK registration machine will show some terms and regulations that will be too long to read. So, without wasting any time, click on next and then proceed to step further
  • After mentioning the phone number, you will receive a verification number on your registered number. Now put the verification number in the required field and click on continue.
  • After putting in the verification code, you will receive a message by MOI in a short time that your account is activated. So, press on the exit and leave the registration machine as your account is activated.

Absher Activation through Jawazat Office:

If there is no KIOSK machine near you, then you need to go to Jawazat office. Make sure you carry following documents.

  • Registered Absher account print
  • PASSPORT (1 copy)
  • IQAMA (1 copy)
  • WORK PERMIT (1 document)

Steps for Absher login:

Once the account is activated. The next step is for Absher login so that you can use your Absher account. Follow these steps to login into your Absher.

  1. Click here for Absher Portal
  2. Select Individual.
  3. Use your username and password for your Absher login.
  4. You will get a verification code on your registered mobile number. Put that in and next page will be the dashboard of your account.


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