7 rules for transferring ownership of a vehicle

The Saudi Traffic Department has outlined seven rules of procedure for transferring ownership of a vehicle. Remember that in Saudi Arabia, Istimara is a replacement of a vehicle ownership document.”

What is Istimara?

A vehicle registration document issued when a person buys a car, motorbike, or any vehicle is called “Istimara.”

It shows the ownership of a person about a particular car. It also enables the driver to drive his car on the road without the fear of police. This is because a person cannot travel in a vehicle without Istimara with them along “FAHAS.”

If a person has a new vehicle, then the validity of “Istimara” will be almost three years. Still, if a person bought an old and used car, he can check the fact of “Istimara” by login into his “Absher” account.

New Rules for transferring ownership of a vehicle

According to SYEDTI, there are rules of procedure for transferring ownership of the vehicles of Saudi citizens, resident foreigners, and diplomats.

  1. The traffic department says that the owner has to present the original vehicle registration card while transferring the ownership of a regular vehicle. The ban also applies to Saudis and expatriates. Saudis must show a national identity card. 
  2. Submit a resident foreign car purchase document. It is necessary to remember that these papers should be issued from any concerned city’s vehicle display area. For foreigners, it is essential to present a photocopy of the employer’s residence card and cover letter with Istimara.
  3. The traffic department also needs a photocopy of the driving license when transferring ownership of the vehicles. You also have to submit a file for keeping the prescribed fees and documents. 
  4. The diplomat must bring a letter from the Foreign Ministry requesting a transfer of ownership of the vehicle.
  5. The Traffic Department says that the diplomat has to present the document of the car dealer from the registered showroom or bring the certified paper of the deal from the embassy to the Foreign Office. In addition, Submit the number plate and Astmara card.
  6. Remember that the Saudis must present a photocopy of the National Identity Card on the occasion of the duplication process, for the foreigner a photocopy of the residence, and a certified cover letter from the employer.
  7. In addition, companies and institutions will need to provide a copy of the register. It is also essential that the letter is authentic. In addition, You also have to submit a file for keeping the prescribed fees and documents. 

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