51 Names Banned

List Of The 51 Names Banned In The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

Lists 51 Names Banned of names are issued regularly by the Civil Registry Agency, which reports to the country’s Interior Ministry, so that agency staff can easily find out when a child has an illegal name.

It is common practice to list and classify the most popular names given to newborns in many countries. However, in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the list is devoted to names prohibited from being delivered to young children by young parents on cultural and religious grounds. The latest list includes 51 names.

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Why Did Saudi Arabia Ban The Below Names?

Many of the banned names are of Western descent, which makes them illegal in the eyes of the authorities. Other names, such as “Abdul Nabi” or “Abdul Rasool”, are Arabic but are considered heretical because of their religious references. The literal meanings are “servant of the prophet” and “messenger”, respectively. And according to Islam, only God can get served. One of our Saudi commentators, Mohammed al-Saeedi, also noted that some names got removed from the list due to the extreme interpretation of Islam and political sensitivities:

Names that refer to angels, such as “Master” (angel) or “Gabriel” (Gabriel), are banned because authorities see them as a comparison with these heavenly creatures. The same is true of “prophet”, which means “prophet”. Their sensitivity is forcing them to ban some names because they seem religious – even though they are spreading across the rest of the Arab world, such as “Abdel Nasser” (Conqueror’s Servant, God’s Reference) or ” Faith “(faith)). Names such as “Amir” (Prince), “Sumo” (Great), “Malaka” (Queen), or “Kingdom” (Kingdom) are banned for political reasons, as there should be no animosity towards the royal family.

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List Of 51 Banned Names In KSA:

  1. Malak  ملاك
  2. Abdul Ati عبد العاطي
  3. Abdul Nasser  عبد الناصر
  4. Abdul Mosleh  عبد المصلح
  5. Nabi  النبي
  6. Nabiya  النبية
  7. Emir  أمير
  8. Somu  اذا مو
  9. Al-Mamlaka  المملكة
  10. Malika  مليكة
  11. Mamlaka  مملكه
  12. Tabaraka  طبرقة
  13. Nardeen  ناردين
  14. M aya  مايا
  15. Linda  ليندا
  16. Randa رندة
  17. Basmalah  البسملة
  18. Tuleen  تولين
  19. Arm  ذراع
  20. Nareej  ناريج
  21. Rital  ريتال
  22. Als  ألس
  23. Sandi  ساندي
  24. Rama  راما
  25. Maleen  ماليين
  26. Eleen  إيلين
  27. Alas  واحسرتاه
  28. Ainar  عينار
  29. Loran  لوران
  30. Malkiteena  مالكيتينا
  31. Lareen  لارين
  32. Kibriyal  کبریال
  33. Laureen  لورين
  34. Binyameen  بنيامين
  35. Narees  ناريز
  36. Yara  يارا
  37. Sitaf  سيتاف
  38. Aileen  أيلين
  39. Loland  لولاند
  40. Tilaj  تلاج
  41. Barah  براح
  42. Abdul Nabi  عبد النبي
  43. Abdul Rasool  عبد الرسول
  44. Jibreel  جبريل
  45. Abdul Mo’een عبد المعين
  46. Abrar  أبرار
  47. Milak  ميلاك
  48. Aiman أيمن
  49. Bayan  بيان
  50. Baseel  باسيل
  51. Rilam.  ريلام.

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