Feature Image - 3 Reasons to Pursue Your International Education in the UAE

3 Reasons to Pursue Your International Education in the UAE

A recent Gulf News report reveals that there has been a healthy increase observed in school admissions in Dubai and the rest of the UAE for the academic year 2022-2023. At over 16%, this overall growth in student admissions points to a strong interest and trust in the quality of education provided by UAE schools. It’s also interesting to note that, of the new registered students, 34% are coming from other countries. What makes Dubai and the UAE such attractive destinations for young ones to pursue their international education in the UAE?

3 Compelling Reasons for Students Considering Studying Abroad to Choose Dubai

3 Compelling reasons to start your International Education in the UAE

1. The UAE Maintains Impressive Standards for Education.

At every age, students enrolled in the best schools in UAE receive top-quality education that helps them acquire a competitive edge over their global peers. From kindergarten to Grade 12/Year 13, parents can choose the most balanced and comprehensive curriculum that would set their young learners up well for their overall development and future professional lives.

For example, there are British curriculum schools in Dubai offering one of the most well-respected educational systems across the globe. It implements a liberal approach to education and a wide-angle view while covering the major science, arts and humanities subjects. In addition, UAE schools also offer the IB, American and Indian curricula, each of which provides a well-rounded and global education that can meet the crucial needs of every child.

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According to the latest school inspection results released by education regulator Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), more than 70% of Dubai schools have been rated “Good” or better. Fatma Belrehif, chief executive officer of Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau, explains that KHDA utilised the 2015/16 Unified School Inspection Framework for evaluating educational institutions.

Likewise, the UAE constantly improves the quality of its higher education institutions. In 2022, Dubai earned high scores in the student view and desirability indicators in the QS Best Student Cities index and is a popular study destination for learners worldwide.

2. Dubai Is a Great Place to Immerse Yourself in Multicultural Perspectives.

For students from around the world,  the UAE can be an exciting destination for learning about vastly differing cultures, customs, and belief systems. As is often said, there is no better way to understand your own culture and upbringing, and to understand other people’s perspectives better, than to live in another country and engage with different nationalities for extended periods. Pursuing your education abroad, specifically in the UAE, can be a life-altering decision that can introduce you to countless new and rewarding experiences.

Not only will you learn about Emirati life when you study in the UAE, but you will also encounter Asian, European, and African cultures and more since the region is truly a home to expatriates from every corner of the world. And that’s all – you’ll get a chance to be the teacher and show your new friends, peers and mentors about your own culture, too.

3. International Students in the UAE Enjoy Great Career Opportunities.

One of the biggest reasons why students pursue international education is to become top candidates for the best jobs in the world. Being a major, fast-growing modern business hub, Dubai is truly a city of opportunity for anyone seeking to secure a place in the UAE, which was voted the 4th best place to live and work in the HSBC 2021 Expat Explorer survey.

The cutting-edge Dubai business environment and the city’s reputation for being a continually evolving knowledge centre attracts businesses and investors from all over the world.

With the top global companies, most prestigious academic and research institutions, and renowned entrepreneurs setting up base in Dubai, it’s easy to understand why international students aim to live, study, and eventually work in Dubai and other areas in the UAE.

Overseas students in Dubai can take up part-time jobs and internships once rigorous criteria and legal requirements are met. Universities in Dubai can help their students with relevant internship placements that provide valuable experience and exposure for future employment in great companies.

4 Essential Takeaways from Studying Abroad, Anywhere in the World

Even if you pursue your overseas education in a destination other than Dubai or the UAE, you inevitably gain new experiences that help you evolve into a truly well-rounded individual. Here are 4 key lessons you can derive from the experience of studying abroad:

1. You learn new languages and ways to communicate.

One of the first things you must learn when moving to a different country is how to speak the local language. Your educational destination may not use your native language or other languages you may use, like English, in daily conversation. You are responsible for learning how to communicate effectively with people during your stay.

2. You discover a range of approaches to all kinds of challenges.

Residing in a different country means you will have to navigate everyday activities in a new location. For example, buying groceries, making banking transactions, doing laundry, driving or commuting to different locations, and seeking medical attention are easy enough to do in your home country. However, being in a new place means learning the locals’ way of doing things, directions to crucial establishments, and other information.

How you go about familiarising yourself with these tasks can teach you several things about talking to people, understanding local laws and customs, and solving daily problems.

3. You develop independence.

Living apart from your family to study abroad teaches you to look after yourself, keep track of your responsibilities, and make daily decisions and judgment calls that help mold you into the person you envision yourself to be. These activities and lessons quickly teach you about life, and you wouldn’t have learned them if you depended on others for your own care and well-being.

4. You create lasting friendships and meaningful connections.

Finally, enrolling in a school abroad helps you create friendships with classmates, teachers, neighbours and other people in a community of different cultures. Interacting constantly with people with varying traditions and perspectives who can teach you new ways of looking at your views and beliefs can be refreshing. As you grow and progress in your education, you could also meet people who could help you start your career and build a fruitful professional life as an adult.

Becoming a Student of the World

Pursuing your education overseas in Dubai, or any other global destination, can be a formative experience. Not only are you gaining quality education within schools and universities, but you are also learning lessons from real-world experiences that you’re sure to carry with you into adulthood.

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