10 Exciting Facts about Makkah Royal Clock Tower (Abraj Al-Bait)

10 Exciting Facts about Makkah Royal Clock Tower (Abraj Al-Bait)

Makkah Royal Clock Tower (also known as Abraj Al-Bait) is a 601m-tall, 738-room, and 120-floors building complex located in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The complex’s centrepiece is a five-story elevated courtyard topped by an enclosed structure. Moreover, the Saudi Binladin Group was its developer.

Location: Al Hajlah برج الماسة، الهجلة، مكة 24231،, Mecca 24231

Facts about Makkah royal clock tower

1.      The world’s 3rd highest peak structure

The 3rd highest peak building globally, Makah clock tower, commonly known as Abraj Al-Bait Towers, is just a few metres from Masjid Al-haram, the world’s largest masjid. In fact, some other exciting feature about the Royal Makkah clock tower is that it stands at the height of 601 metres.

In fact, it has 120 floors above ground & 3 stories beneath the ground. It has a total of 96 elevators, making it very easy to get to and from Masjid Al-Haram. Furthermore, it offers a spectacular perspective of the Holy Kaaba.

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2.      The clock tower Makkah with the Highest Elevation

Another stunning detail about the clock tower Makkah is that it is the world’s tallest tower, with the clock viewable from a distance of 17 kilometres. Furthermore, It can seat approximately 2 million pilgrims throughout the festival and offers housing for devout Muslims.

3.      The inside of the Clock Tower Crescent

The majority of the population is unaware that there is still a prayer room within the Crescent of the Royal Makkah Clock Tower. At 558 feet above the ground, Saudi Arabia’s highest viewing deck. Moreover, the facility includes an Islamic museum, a moon-viewing area, and a 10,000-person prayer room.

4.      Largest Surface Area

Another little-known feature about the regal Makkah main building is that it boasts the world’s largest floor area, at 1,500,000 square metres. In fact, it is because it has roughly 120 storeys, the ground floor is enormous.

5.      Constructing in a Record Time

It was built in record speed for a structure of such immense proportions. This project took six years to complete.

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6.      The second most costly structure

Numerous people are unaware that it is the world’s second most expensive structure. In fact, the project will involve six other structures used as hotels, residences, or shopping complexes. Plus, there are nine restaurants on-site and 24/7 room service & complimentary Wi-Fi in all rooms.

7.      The World’s Biggest Clock Dial

The Makkah large clock face measures 43 metres in diameter, 23 metres in length, & weighs around 21 tonnes. In Makkah, the big clock is often used to call the devotees prayer. Moreover, At the summit of the buildings are four giant clocks. Also, at night, 2 million LED lights illuminate the clock tower.

Moreover, on the north & south sides, “Allah is the Greatest” is imprinted, whereas the Quran is printed on the eastern and western sides.

8.      Gold leaves adorn mosaic tiles.

98 million mosaic tiles containing 24 karat gold leaves decorate the Makkah clock tower. The megastructure’s apex is studded with 26 spotlights designed to fire 10 kilometres into the sky. Plus, the 23-metre crescent atop the building is composed of a gold mosaic with a fibreglass backing.

9.      Beautiful and magnificent clock dial  

This towering giant’s clock face is 35 times greater than the famed Big Ben’s. A total of two million LED lights illuminate the four clock faces. In fact, the most enormous clock face is the dial, which may be found on all four sides of this pushing imitation.

10.      The total cost of the project

The total cost of the Mecca clock tower is estimated to be in the $15 billion range. Six different structures are part of a project. Moreover, they have positioned above a multi-story slab of commercial malls & house a variety of luxury hotels and apartments.

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Frequently asked Questions

a.      What is the purpose of the Makkah Royal Tower?

The Makkah Clock Tower structure contains residency apartment towers, a five-star accommodation run. In fact, it offers Abraj Al Bait shopping mall tools. More than 1,000 autos can be parked in the building.

b.      What is the location of the world’s most giant clock tower?

Mecca, Saudi Arabia, Makkah Royal Clock Tower. In fact, the mecca clock tower, a component of the Abraj Al-Bait complex in Makkah, has the world’s most giant clock faces.

c.       Who constructed the Makkah Clock Tower?

The building was constructed by Saudi Binladin Group, the country’s largest construction firm. Moreover, the tallest tower in the complex has been developed by German interior designer Mahmoud Bodo Rasch.

d.      How many rooms does the clock tower in Makkah have?

The hotel has 1275 tastefully provided guest rooms, with many of them featuring LCD/plasma TVs, bedding, mirrors, towels, and closets.

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